About Us

Locally Owned & Operated Outdoor Gear Store

Mick Ohly and his family started Snow Mountain River with the mission of Reduce Reuse Recycle. The consignment aspect allows people to find a new home for their used gear, keeping stuff out of the landfill and giving gear a new home. Snow Mountain River was created to bring consumers gear for everything snow, everything mountain, and everything river. SMR’s goal is to make the outdoors accessible, no matter the budget. SMR strives to cultivate a community of outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds, skill levels, and gear levels. SMR invites you to join us to hang out in the bus, swing on our chair lift, or talk to us about your gear needs!

Mick Ohly


Store Expertise: Boats, Skis, Snowboards

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Boating, Skiing


Brad Shorb

General Manager

Store Expertise: Buying The Gear and Events

Weird Talent: Juggling/Spinning Things on my Finger

Favorite Outdoor Playground: Steamboat Springs, Co

Favorite Piece Of Gear: Santa Cruz Hightower C Mountain Bike

Cayden Wilder

Floor Manager

Store Expertise: Skis and Snowboards

Favorite Outdoor Playground: Powder Mountain (Any Ski Resort)

Favorite Flagstaff Restaurant: Mama Burger

Weird Talent: Really good at guitar hero

Keaton Patton

Bike Shop Manager

Store Expertise: Literally everything

Biggest Fear: I’m Fearless

Best Bike Trail: Whole Enchilada, Moab



Ski/Bike Tech

Store Expertise: Bikes, Backcountry Skiing and  building stoke!

Favorite Outdoor Playground: Teton National Park

Best Bike/Hike Trail: Hi Line, Sedona

Weird Talent: Makes a killer shrimp scampi and has made crab cakes from scratch in the backcountry


Ski/Bike Tech

Store Expertise: Bike work and Skis/Snowboards

Best Bike/Hike Trail: Prom Night

Favorite Outdoor Playground: Aspen, CO

Favorite Piece of Gear: Wheel Set


Ski/Bike Tech

Store Expertise: Ski tuning and gear

Best Bike/Hike Trail: Private Reserve

Favorite Gear: Backpack

Favorite Flagstaff Restaurant: Chipotle



Store Expertise: Consignment

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Skiing and Climbing

Weird Talent: Touch her tongue to her elbow



Bike Tech


Bio coming soon – stay tuned!


Floor Associate 

Store Expertise: Skis/Snowboards and XS Vests

Favorite Outdoor Playground: San Clemente

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Surfing

Favorite Smell: Vanilla Extract



Store Expertise: Camping and backpacking gear

Best Bike/Hike Trail: Devil’s Bridge

Weird Talent: Making fart noises with his legs

Favorite Smell: Fried chicken


Ski/Bike Tech

Store Expertise: Ski and Snowboard tuning/Base welding

Favorite Outdoor Playground: Casa Grande Desert

Favorite Gear: Leatherman Pocket Knife



Floor Associate

Store Expertise: Snowboards

Best Bike/Hike Trail: Fatman’s Loop

Weird Talent: Eating 3x her body weight

Favorite Smell: Fresh Mountain Air

Kendra A

Floor Associate

Store Expertise: Climbing gear and customer service

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Snowboarding

Weird Talent: Double Jointed

Favorite Smell: Lavender

Kendra H

Lead Consignment

Store Expertise: Consignment Superstar!

Favorite Outdoor Playground: Mother Earth

Best Trail: Mount Baldy

Favorite Flagstaff Restaurant: Mike and Rhonda’s



Store Expertise: Consignment

Favorite Outdoor Playground: Pier Park, Portland

Favorite Small: Rain in the Ponderosas

Mary likes cheese and food


Store Artist

 Bio coming soon – stay tuned!

Morgan B


Store Expertise: Merchandising and Rentals

Favorite Food: Queso and Margs!

Favorite Outdoor Activity: Snowboarding

If Morgan was a sandwich, she would be a PB&J

Morgan S

Floor Associate

Store Expertise: Climbing Gear and Backpacking Gear

Favorite Outdoor Playground: Tuolumne Meadows

Favorite Piece of Gear: Spoon/Scraper Combo

Best Climb Near Flagstaff: Queen Victoria, Sedona


Shop Dog

Bio coming soon – stay tuned!