Services For All Seasons
SMR offers a variety of services including bike tuning, ski tuning, ice skate sharpening, and local knowledge! Read below for details about each service.

Bike Tuning

Safety Check – $35
  • Basic Inspection of bike
  • Torque all bolts to spec
  • Lube chain
  • Discuss any safety concerns
Standard Tune – $55
  • Safety check
  • Adjust derailleurs and shifters
  • Adjust bottom bracket, headset, hubs and brakes as needed
  • Clean bike
  • Relubricate chain and suspension as needed
Deluxe Tune – $115–155
  • All parts are removed, examined and replaced if needed
  • A thorough deep clean and lubrication of entire bike
  • Tuning of the shifters, derailleurs and brakes
  • True Wheels
  • New Cables and Housing
A La Carte Bike Service
  • Fork Seal Service – $75
  • Shock Service – $55
  • Tubeless Set Up – $15 per wheel
  • Flat Fix – $8 (not including tube cost)
  • E-bike Rear Tube Install – $25 (not including tube cost)
  • Derailleur Adjustment – $10
  • Derailleur Hanger Adjustment – $15
  • Chain Installment – $10 (not including chain cost)
  • Brake Bleed – $35 per brake
  • Headset Service – $25 per wheel
  • Wheel True – $25 to $35 per wheel
  • Bottom Bracket Service – $15-$25
  • Wheel True – $35 per wheel

Ski & Snowboard Tuning

Ski & Snowboard Services Include
  • Edge & Hot Wax – $18
  • Standard Tune (Hot Wax, Machine Edge, and Base Grind) – $30
  • Base Repair – $10 per inch
  • Hot Wax – $12
  • Machine Edge – $10
  • Hand Edge – $15
  • Ski Binding Mount – $35
  • P-Tex – $5 – $20

Skate Tuning

Sparx professional hockey and figure skate sharpening service now available.

  • $6 per pair
  • $10 New Blades
  • Discounts for Flagstaff hockey teams

Gear Repair

Fully equipped gear repair shop focused on extending the lifespan of your favorite outdoor gear, apparel, and more. Overall, our focus with our repair shop is to provide a sustainable service to further divert gear from ending up in landfills. Bring in your down puffy, sleeping bags, tents, packs, and more, in for needed repair, whether you want to keep using it, or you want to consign it!
Gear Repair Includes
  • Zipper Repair/Replacements on jackets (including down), pants, tents, and packs (depending on location of zipper).
  • Patching on outdoor apparel, tents, and packs (depending on location of rip).
  • Alterations.
  • Buckle and webbing replacements.
  • Custom repairs. Come in and discuss your design ideas with us! Some examples of what we make…River gear including cam straps and duffel bags, bike frame bags, dog leashes and collars, fanny packs, chalk bags, van life gear, snowboard tool bags, and frisbee golf bags. Purchasing these custom items online through us is coming soon! Contact custom repairs at
  • Washing Machine: If your items are in need of a clean before the repair, we do offer washing them for you at a cost depending on the size of the item.
  • Additional Info: General turn-around time for repairs is between 3-10 days, depending on cue of repairs. This and the estimate of cost can be provided upon drop off of the item. Items can be repaired with the intention to consign them with us afterwards. Please give us a call for any questions!
  • Climbing shoe repair: Coming Soon to SMR Sports
  • Screen printing: Coming Soon to SMR Sports

    Local Knowledge

    SMR is your go-to guide for hiking suggestions, trail updates, weather reports, and more! Swing by for info!

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